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Seldor Capital Announces Investment in Fusematic Corporation

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

July 26, 2021 - NEW YORK - Seldor Capital, a venture capital firm based in New York City, today announced its investment in Fusematic Corporation, a product research and development company that manufactures and markets the most advanced portable friction welding systems available today and capable of providing automatic high strength bonding of materials on Earth’s surface, underwater, or in outer space. Fusematic has leveraged Seldor Capital’s connections in the space industry, as their portable friction welding technology is ideal in the space context.

“As investors in the space technology industry, we recognized the incredible potential of Fusematic’s fusion process to revolutionize space exploration by enabling repairs to occur safely in outer space. In addition to its space applications, the fusion process can also be used to reduce pollution emissions on Earth, therefore making this an ideal investment for Seldor Capital,” said Sidney N. Nakahodo, Founder and General Partner of Seldor Capital.

Outside of the space industry, Fusematic has garnered attention from customers, manufacturers, and investors in the energy, industrial, manufacturing, military, and maritime sectors. The applicability of their technology is far ranging - from the depths of the ocean - to outer space. Fusematic’s technology can be used to repair in-service assets in hazardous and explosive environments as their welding technique is much safer than current welding methodologies which require high temperatures for long durations of time.

“Seldor will play an integral part in helping us apply our technology to terrestrial, orbiting, lunar, and other-planetary infrastructure projects due to their robust and seasoned team of industry experts,” said Taylor Miller, Director of Commercial Space Ventures at Fusematic Corporation.

About Fusematic Corporation

Fusematic Corporation, headquartered in Ormond Beach, FL, is a product research and development company that manufactures and markets the most advanced, portable, latest generation friction welding systems available today. Fusematic’s proprietary Fusematic Bonding™ technology uses friction rather than flame to automatically bond metals at the molecular level, literally fusing them together to achieve consistent, incredibly high-strength bonding in a fraction of the time, in a safer environment, and at significant cost savings.

This process provides automatic high-strength, consistent fusion of similar or dissimilar materials on Earth’s surface, underwater, or in outer space. For additional information please visit

About Seldor Capital

Seldor Capital is a venture capital firm based in New York City that invests in startups working with space technologies and their applications. Seldor Capital prioritizes new ventures that apply space technologies to solve some of the Earth’s most pressing problems. Seldor Capital utilizes its unique set of capabilities and deep knowledge of the space industry and space technologies to source, fund, and nurture the most promising startups in the field. For additional information, please visit


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